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I am in the business of words. And words, no matter where they appear, are vital. Even in a world dominated by images, sounds and videos, poignant writing holds significant power. In fact, in 2016, 76 percent of marketers increased spending on content marketing.

My business has taken me through content development and editing, creation of a wide range of communication materials, book editing as well as journalism and media consultation. And after 11 years specifically in the client-based writing and editing industry, I understand how to create content that, in addition to being effective, engaging and creative, is also free of grammatical errors and technical jargon. 

Whether I'm editing what you already have or creating customized content from scratch, my services come with a guarantee of the highest level of professionalism and originality. 



All estimates are free and some rates are flexible depending on the project. I am always willing to take your budget into consideration.


What's being said

The media relations landscape in Canada is changing and Izabela understands these changes and the demands that come with them. She is able to keep in mind the needs of the client, while reaching their audience with an authentic and accessible voice. Her writing and organizational skills are second to none, and her work maintains a true creative flare.
Beatrice Bastedo, Account Manager at Merkato Communications
I have had the pleasure of working with Izabela Szydlo long enough that I can spell her name without cheating. Also, long enough to have watched her grow from an outstanding section editor and creative page designer to running her own business. Currently, Izabela is one of my consistently depended on writers in the Content Solutions department at Star Metro Media. Izabela’s work ethic is unrivalled; she is never late with her content, clients request her and I am assured her copy will come in clean and engaging. What else can I say? Whatever Izabela takes on she takes on so completely, making my job easy and making me look good.
Miriam Osborne, Managing Editor, Special Features at Star Metro Media
What strikes me most about Izabela is her ability to understand a client’s demands. She’s a perfectionist and I’ve seen that translate into excellent results. She has a concise and conversational writing style, and editing skills that ensure clean copy, all of which makes her stand apart from other content developers.
Jennifer Francis, Owner of Jennstudios and contract employee at Centennial College
Izabela was the content creator and editor for two of my clients’ websites. Izabela made such an impression on one client that she requested Izabela be the content creator for all website updates. I was also impressed with Izabela’s communication skills, proficiency, attention to detail and the thoughtful way in which she chose to tell the clients’ stories. Her writing and editing skills are clearly well polished, and she is passionate about her work.
Mark McKay, Content Marketer, Social Strategist, Executive Producer


What you get

In my role as writer and/or editor, I will work to ensure your voice stands out and your content captures the attention of its intended audience. While I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic timelines that accommodate their lives and deadlines, I am known for my quick turnaround. I offer honest customer service, so invoices are only paid in full when the finished work is to your satisfaction.

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MY NAME IS Izabela

When I was eight, I decided I wanted to be a journalist. Many people told me I would change my mind. At 14, I was published for the first time. At 21, I graduated from Canada's top journalism school at Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism. Since then, I have worked as an editor and reporter at national publications, edited award-winning, bestseller books, and created and edited content for a wide range of clients. Being a curator of words is not just my career but also my passion. 

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