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Content and Commas

  Image:   Dinuraj K

Image: Dinuraj K


A picture may be worth a thousand words but a thousand pictures can also be painted with just a few words. Your website, brand or message should be painted with the brush of your choosing. My versatile writing can accommodate different styles including corporate, casual or even quirky. I have experience in search engine optimized (SEO) writing, I understand the perfect word length to get any message across and will ensure you are part of my creative process, if that’s your preference. I am also perfectly confident in crafting your content independently, if yours is a hands-off approach. 


  Image: Kurt:S

Image: Kurt:S


Yes, the placement of that comma you are unsure about matters — as do other grammatical rules, spelling, typos, sentence structure, word usage and the general flow of your content. I pride myself on subtle edits, rather than ones that cut out or change entire areas of content and inevitably cause you to lose your unique voice. In editing, I also take into consideration word count, paragraph structure, style guides, and search engine optimization if needed. My editing skills have been refined at publications such as The Globe and Mail and Metro News.


I am equipped to help you get ready for publication, whether your book needs developmental editing (in which I help shape the book as you write), heavy editing (paragraph shifts and plot suggestions), or copy editing (grammar, spelling, consistency, flow, conciseness, proper tense, tone and fact checking). My work on two Amazon bestsellers is proof of my ability to ensure your book is reader-friendly and free of errors.

  Image: Nguyen Hung Vu

Image: Nguyen Hung Vu

Public relations

Your company or personal brand deserves to be presented to your target audience with the clearest and most captivating messaging. I have years of experience in crafting press releases to grab the attention of any media editor; biographies that capture the scope of a company or personal brand; media kits to make potential stakeholders understand why they need to invest; newsletters that keep clients informed; brochures with standout copy writing; blog copy that is informative and interesting; and cover letters and resumes that will help you land your dream job. 


I understand what editors are looking for and what readers want. I have helped break major stories at national daily newspapers as well as pop culture publications such as former Torstar magazine Sway — which earned a 98-per-cent pickup rate — and nationally distributed CreamWorld magazine. That’s why Merkato Communications turns to me to consult on media pitches for some of its most prominent clients' campaigns. With 14 years of reporting experience, I also have the expertise to help prepare you for being in front of the media.  

  Image: hobvias sudoneighm

Image: hobvias sudoneighm


At the heart of my experience with words is journalism. Since 2003, my work has appeared in national publications as well as on their websites. My reliable network of sources ensures I write stories that are feature expert voices, and are informative and engaging. And because I have interviewed everyone from A-list celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Drake and Anthony Anderson to newsmakers such as doctors and politicians, I am confident speaking to any source about any topic. I also possess the ability to pitch stories that are current or set trends.

custom publishing

Effective advertorial features require a fine balance between communications and journalism. I acquired that understanding through years of hard work and excelled in transitioning from traditional reporting to client-directed editorial content creation. At the Toronto Star and Metro News, I work with a range of clients who want to tell their stories in a journalistic format. I collaborate with these clients to convey their ideas in a way that not only ensures an enjoyable and information-packed read but also sells their message.